How To Configure ESX Host WAN Access

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Here’s how to configure remote access to an ESX host. Configuring the ports in this way (4801, 4802) make it easier to configure multiple hosts.

In your firewall:

  1. NAT the following:
    1. 4801 TCP – NAT to HTTPS to host. For multiple hosts also use 4802, 4803
    2. 4901 TCP – NAT to 5989 to host. For multiple hosts also use 4902, 4903
    3. 902 TCP – NAT to original to host. Used for console access. Can only be NATed to one host at a time
    4. 5480 TCP – NAT to HTTPS to vSphere Server if want remote access to it.
  2. Test by going connecting to the host from the outside via it’s WAN IP:4801. You should be able to connect it and also open the console successfully.


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