Configure ESX Host WAN Access

Here’s how to configure remote access to an ESX host. Configuring the ports in this way (4801, 4802) make it easier to configure multiple hosts.

In your firewall:

  1. NAT the following:
    1. 4801 TCP – NAT to HTTPS to host. For multiple hosts also use 4802, 4803
    2. 4901 TCP – NAT to 5989 to host. For multiple hosts also use 4902, 4903
    3. 902 TCP – NAT to original to host. Used for console access. Can only be NATed to one host at a time
    4. 5480 TCP – NAT to HTTPS to vSphere Server if want remote access to it.
  2. Test by going connecting to the host from the outside via it’s WAN IP:4801. You should be able to connect it and also open the console successfully.

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