How To Migrate Printers from One Server to Another

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Install V3 drivers instead of V4 unless you understand the differences. See here for a summary.

  1. Install Print Server role on the new server:
    1. Server Manager -> Server Roles -> Print and Document Services -> Print Server
  2. Install printers on the new server:
    1. Open Print Management
    2. Under Print Management -> Print Servers -> (server name)
      1. Add your ports
      2. Add your drivers
      3. Then add your printers
        1. Test print to each one
  3. Deploy the printers via Group Policy:
    1. Group Policy -> User Configuration -> Preferences -> Control Panel Settings -> Printers
    2. Add each printer with the option to be ‘Update’
      1. Configure targeting on the Common tab if you want the printer to be installed to a subset of users (by security group, Organizational Unit, etc.) or else it’ll be installed to all users.
  4. At this point, all the printers will be installed for all users (unless you configured targeting). Make sure the printers installed for the users as intended. Have them set their default printer or set it through the group policy you defined above.
  5. When that’s all tested as working, edit your group policy that installs the printers to have entries for the old printers that are on the one server. Select the “Delete” option for those. The printers will be deleted from the users.
  6. Once it’s confirmed the old printers have been deleted, delete the printers from the old server and the printer migration is complete.


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