How To Extend Active Directory Schema to Include Exchange Attributes

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The Exchange attributes that are required to change some settings on users when they sync to Office 365 won’t be present in Active Directory if on-premise Exchange was never present in the environment. The solution is to extend the schema to add those attributes to AD by using a feature of the Exchange Server 2016 setup. This process will only extend the schema and not install Exchange.

Follow this article to extend the schema.

That article links to a download of Exchange 2016 that no longer exists. Instead, always download the latest Exchange 2016 Cumulative Update (CU), which is the full installer, by clicking the link to the latest 2016 CU listed here.

I’ve extended the schema after 365 is in place and I’ve never had an issue. You just need to run the Refresh Schema option in Azure AD Connect after extending. For example, here’s a 3rd party saying to extend the schema to get their software working and they don’t express any concerns or caveats:


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