How To Defederate GoDaddy Office 365 Tenant

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It’s possible to purchase Office 365 through GoDaddy since they have a partnership with Microsoft. It’s not recommended though since its less secure and less feature-filled. For example, you’re unable to enable MFA for users. You can migrate to another Office 365 tenant but that takes significant work and planning and interrupts 365 services. Instead, you can defederate the existing tenant so that you remove the GoDaddy ‘hooks ‘into it so that it becomes a standard tenant with all the possible management and features.

I’ve used this guide multiple times and it works great: Defederating GoDaddy 365.

There is no interruption to services, it’s really just administrative changes. Just make sure you follow every step as prescribed, especially the step that removes GoDaddy’s delegated access rights or else GoDaddy’s automated scripts will remove all licensing (which deletes all users) and remove the vanity domain.


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